About RBLmon

Learn more about RBLmon and the team behind it.

RBLmon is developed and maintained by a team of accomplished technical, strategic and creative talents.

Below you will find some details about the members of the core team behind RBLmon:

Peter is Founder and Project Manager at Sitecape. When participating in the development of various websites and applications, he often times assumes the roles of Project Lead, Web Designer and/or Front-end Developer. His work on the RBLmon project covers all three areas.

Emil is the Lead Developer of RBLmon, responsible for all back-end systems that make the site tick. A Python zealot and a huge Django fan, he is always prepared to code through, around, above or below every technical problem.

Rose is Communications Manager at Sitecape. Being an ardent advocate of clean design models and intuitive user interfaces, Rose joined our core team to contribute some serious improvements to the visual outlook and style of RBLmon.

Our efforts to make RBLmon the best online RBL monitoring service there is are also backed up by the young and passionate professionals working at Sitecape and the guys behind The Anti-Abuse Project.

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