What is RBLmon? What does it do? Why should you use it?

RBLmon provides fully automated monitoring and informs you about the RBL status of your IP addresses.

RBLmon is a modern web application, designed to provide the highest level of usability and performance. Powered by the notorious Django framework, it is second to none in terms of speed and reliability.

A sophisticated backend system of crons (scheduled server tasks) is distributed within the technical infrastructure of RBLmon, so that regular checks are run against the industry's most popular RBLs and spam databases. Depending on your subscription plan, each of your IP addresses will be checked against all RBLs in the system at least once a day.

Based on your custom preferences in the user interface, RBLmon can send email reports to your email address(es). These reports can either be sent if the a change in your RBL status is detected or after each RBL scan regardless of the results. You also have the option to disable email reports and only use the RBLmon's user interface to check your RBL status and history of blocks.

Do not hesitate to sign up now and see RBLmon in action. Registration is free of charge and provides you with a fully functional RBL monitoring service of up to 3 IP addresses. No credit card details or other sensitive information will be required from you upon registration.

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